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Emma, a white woman with curly red hair, gazes into the camera with a slight smirk. She is wearing a navy blue velvet blazer over a gray t-shirt.

Recently an NYC-to-Massachusetts transplant, Emma is an outspoken and impassioned advocate dedicated to amplifying various social justice causes.


Her work includes time as an actor/musician, a theatre administrator, and working in the hospitality industry. Those experiences have taught her the importance of speaking up in order to leave the world and our previous workplaces better for those who follow after us.

Emma stands against a concrete wall, facing the right side of the screen. She has one foot up. The wall is scratched with graffiti.


-Whether creating social media content (@EdifyJusticeAdvocates) or amplifying another advocate's project, I am honored to be part of the Harriet Tubman Effect community.

Learn more at

- Throughout the year I volunteered as a member of the Medical Reserve Corps at COVID and flu vaccination clinics where we helped administer thousands of vaccines to

people ages 5 to 104. 

-I re-watched The West Wing again.


-Through phone banking, letter writing, and becoming a poll worker, I helped people understand their rights as voters and got an inside look at both the successes and failures of our voting systems.

- I completed courses in social psychology, psychological first aid, contact tracing, community organizing, and more through online university programs.

- I watched the entirety of The West Wing.

And then re-watched it.



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Vocal Clips

What Baking Can Do - Waitress
I'd Rather Be Me - Mean Girls

French Horn Clip

Dance Reel

TYA Reel

Emma has been playing French Horn since third grade and though acting was her primary career, she fell into a pit the summer of 2019 and realized how much fun musician life can be! 

Available for regional gigs in the Western MA area

and touring productions. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 12.57.05
French Horn
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