What's happening in 2021?

I'm moving!

In January, I moved to Pittsfield, Massachusetts and am living with my rescue Maltese/Cairn mix Maggie and enjoying all the nature that the Berkshires have to offer.

Are you done acting?

I don't think so. But the art form I fell in love with, live musical theatre, cannot safely return until we have COVID under control.
I hope that when we're ready to return, we will have an industry that is more inclusive of all races, genders, abilities and body types.

An industry that will treat us each as individual people with unique skill sets and talents, not just easily replaceable bodies on a stage.
I hope to contribute to this future for our industry in some way during my new adventure in Pittsfield. And who knows, maybe living in a new area surrounded by new people, trees, and fresh air will spark creativity for me!

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What I Did in 2020

With plenty of time to stay indoors, I committed to learning more about activism, advocacy, and community organizing.

1. I became a Social Justice Advocate through M.O.V.E's five-step Edify workshops.

This ongoing work led to the creation of my Instagram account @Collect.Your.Thoughts, dedicated to fact-based information and social justice awareness. I also created and maintain the Edify Instagram account, putting to use my newly-learned graphic design skills.

2. During hundreds of calls to senate offices, I shared my story as an Arts worker and built bridges of empathy to help our elected officials understand the importance of

Arts and COVID relief legislation.

3. Through phone banking, letter writing, and becoming a poll worker, I helped

people understand their rights as voters and got an inside look at both

the successes and failures of our voting systems.

4. I watched the entirety of The West Wing. And then re-watched it.

5. I completed courses in social psychology, psychological first aid, contact tracing, community organizing, and more through online university programs.


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Vocal Clips

French Horn Clip

Dance Reel

TYA Reel

Emma has been playing French Horn since third grade and though acting is her primary career, she recently fell into a pit and realized how much fun musician life is! 

Available for regional gigs in the NY area

and touring productions. 

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