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Emma spent the majority of the global pandemic in Phoenix, Arizona with family.

With plenty of time to stay in the house, she learned (and continues to learn)

a great deal about activism, advocacy, and community organizing.


Emma returned to NYC in August with a renewed sense of the world we live in and our individual responsibility to create a more ethical society. 

She is proud of her work as

- an advocate with M.O.V.E's Edify workshops

- an ambassador with Be An Arts Hero

- an avid phone banker, letter writer, and poll worker for voting rights 


1. Teaching new tricks to my corgi-sheltie mix, Lady Macbeth!

2. Baking -- my latest experiments include cake, stuffed pretzels, and cheesecake.  

3. Expanding my educational horizons with online courses and new reading materials. 

4. Watching, analyzing, and re-watching The West Wing in its entirety. 

5. Driving my parents crazy by reorganizing their kitchen and making them watch

    all of Lady's new tricks...did I mention she knows new tricks? 


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Emma has been playing French Horn since third grade and though acting is her primary career, she recently fell into a pit and realized how much fun musician life is! 

Available for regional gigs in the NY area

and touring productions. 


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